Monday, March 18, 2013

See Spot Die.

Spot is a satellite tracking device that tells my followers where I am. It sends a signal that show where I am on Google Maps. Some of the little lights still blink, but not the ones that say that it is working correctly. Ignoring the little lights, I moved Spot around from one pocket to another hoping for better transmission, but the lights were telling the truth; Spot was dead. I didn’t mean to kill Spot, but I probably flung my pack one time too many and Spot’s poor processor got rattled and quit processing.
 Spot no longer blinks

Shirley bought Spot several years ago when she realized that if something happened to me while I was out in the woods that she might not ever find me. Needless to say, Shirley wasn’t too keen on waiting to see if Spot would come back to life and she immediately ordered me another newer one with a few more bells and whistles. Shirley uses it for more than just finding me if I break a leg and can’t get in, she follows my progress on her computer so she knows when to get to our rendezvous location. Cell coverage out here is poor and calling her from the trail isn’t a certain option.

After reading several blogs and books on the Appalachian Trail I found that Shirley is not unique. Several writers said that their partners were reasonably keen on them hiking alone if they carried a Spot and shaved and showered before coming home. Anyway, I plan to be nicer to new Spot.