Monday, May 28, 2012

Europe on a shoestring?

Can anyone "do" Europe on a shoestring these days? From our humble travels that we are currently doing, I think NOT. Today we are in Brussels, Belgium, tomorrow to Bruges and having just come from London, ENgland.

We arrived with our wonderful GD in London ready for an adventure and a good time. We knew that things were expensive but had no idea as to just how expensive. Three versus two can really make a difference. One of the first thing we have come across is that the hotel rooms over here are done "per person" not necessarily per room. Travels all done by the Tube and local buses, we found the best deal to be the Oyster card. Put money on, swipe, travel, and replenish when used up. Buses $1.35, underground $2.35 per zone. Not bad considering the alternative - taxi. We took the 'Hop on, hop off" tour bus which gave us 2 days of free on and off. All good ways to travel and travel we did, between the buses, undergrounds and feet, we saw more in 3 days that I ever thought that we would, and this with a sick GD who wanted to rest ll the time.

We rode the London Eye, saw the Lion King play, took a cruise on the River Thames, as well as all the walking tours. We didn't get in to see the various venues, like, St Paul's Cathedral, London Bridge, Tower of London, THe changing of the guards, etc. There is too many things to do and one must make choices.

The we took Eurostar speed train through the Chunnel to Brussels. Here we also did the "hop on, hop off". A good way to see the city in a short amount of time. We did the pre-requisite eating of waffles-chocloate-frites & mayonnaise. And we WALKED!!!!!

Tomorrow Bruges, Thursday to Paris, again by high-speed train.

So there we are, doing a quick and fast Tour, seeing as much as we can, and having a blast!

More later, photos to come up here shortly.