Saturday, January 16, 2016

What do you do when your repairs are not done?

What do you do when your repairs are not done? Why, you stay where you are and hope that your gray water doesn't overflow! That means we are sitting in the back lot of the repair shop amongst all the other RVs waiting for work. We have electricity, poor cell coverage and even poorer internet; We hauled connected hoses from the building to the RV so that we could fill our water tank; We are behind a locked gate but have the code; And we are hunkered down for the weekend.

Now let's see, what does that mean? We can read. We can talk. We can watch movies. We can color in our coloring books, oh wait a minute, we don't have coloring books or markers. I can sew or knit. There is a lot that we can do and enjoy our weekend.

Happy weekend everyone!

Monday, January 11, 2016


The first full day after arriving is chocked full of things to do. The whole trip is so full that we actually made a calendar with times so that we wouldn't forget when and where, especially for the tickets that had to be purchased.

First, breakfast: the good ol' standby, Starbucks. This one had little seating and lots of people milling around. Still is was a great people watching experience.

Then it was on to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum by subway.
 Which stop do we get off at? Are we there yet?

The new World Trade Center, opened last year This is an impressive building, standing 1792 feet to the top of the communications tower.

 One of 2 reflective pools on the actual site of the World Trade Center Towers: Beautiful, reflective, and kind of eerie.

With the help of Yelp, we headed to lunch. Brook wanted a pub lunch so that is what we looked for. A short walk took us to an Irish pub. This one was typical but with a difference. It was right across the street from the memorial/museum and was where all the EMS/police workers went/go for lunch. As a result, there are patches from all over the world and is a destination for the same when in NYC.
Food was great! She  chose well.

A walk down Wall Street and of course, we had to see the bull. The tourists were the funniest people watching to be had.
 Sticking your head up his A@^* rather than sticking your head in the sand, where it probably should go.

 You buy, you play, sometimes you win. Brooke won more than she paid.

The evening is for the theatre and we went to see "Wicked". What a great play. The costuming and stage props were fantastic. 
 And now I know where the wonderful display at the Houston International Quilt Festival originated. 

Day 2 took us to the American Museum of Natural History. Never thought I would see the day that DGD wanted to go to a museum.But she continued to surprise me this whole trip. The rational behind this request? To follow the "Night at the Museum"s trail. A condensed view(you wander all over to get to the various places utilized in the film) of a wonderful museum. We will definitely have to return and explore this more fully.
We had to pull ourselves away from the museum. But pull we did and headed towards The Empire State Building to be there before sunset. 
 The lobby was not so busy and offered a great deco art interior. As has been our experience so far, the lines were short and we went directly up. The elevators were once hand driven and now are used to start the elevator trip to the 82nd floor. Danny got the honors.
 From here our views were awesome. The setting sun set everything a fire with a golden hue.
 And from there we went to the 102nd floor where we watched the sun set behind the clouds before setting completely. Met an amazing bunch of different people resulting in some awesome conversations.
 For dinner, well it had to be a Chinatown experience.

Day 4, our last full day and it is The Statue of Liberty and the National Park system. Nothing available for the crown tour but I didn't want to walk all those 182 steps anyways. [chuckle chuckle]
 We already walked the steps in the base to the look out but not these ones.
  some perspective here as to size.
 close up and spectacular
  we walked the perimeter as well. Sure are getting our steps in this trip.
 a ferry ride to and fro: to was light in people and from was packed to capacity.

 skyline from the ferry

Next up was the Tenement Museum in the Lower East Side, a Danny pick and one that we all enjoyed. Brooke says that it reminds her of her Grandma Zabielski's house. The only mishap happened here as we walking down the narrow flights of stairs on the outside of the building - yup the fire escape stairs. She caught her heel in the back open overhang and took a tumble down 5 stairs. It could of been nasty but she came out of it with a bruised shin and a scraped thumb, no breaks thank goodness.

Our train back gave us a wonderful subway experience.We had been hearing solo musicians all week in the subway but tonight we actually had a band. A band that played The Beetles, the Beach Boys and so on. 

 Day 5 and our day for travel back but not until late in the afternoon. The morning sported a return trip to Brooke's pick of breakfast bagel shops - yummmmmmm. Then off to walk Times Square. The rain or rather drizzle came in just as we set off but it was still fun. The highlight? Not the Hersey store, not the M&M store, but the Naked Cowboy
"What happens in New York stays on Facebook forever!"

 Yup, whitie tighties, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, and a guitar in 40 degree weather and drizzle, making a good living in Times Square for over 20 years. Brooke, where is your photo???????

Homeward bound and arriving in Dallas to a car that is dead, dead, dead. Tomorrow ......

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Some thoughts ....

Why does the energy and drive take us to start things and work feverishly to complete already started ones as well as promises to ones self in the new year? That blank page needs to be filled maybe?!!!

And start to fill we do, with a planned trip to New York City with Brooke, our DGD. Leaving on the 5th of January, we arrived in town early enough to: get our metro passes, ride the bus and train to the station near our hotel, check in to the hotel where we quickly ok'd it, and then out for our first foray into the city. Brooke is all eyes as we start to wander and try to figure out the metro. She has her handy phone which has a map of the subway. Where would be nowadays without our instant gratification that used to have to be found and written down beforehand? Dinner planned for Chinatown  but got switched to Little Italy where we had pizza in the proclaimed "first pizza restaurant" in NYC. It was delicious. Then on to the Top of the Rock, the Rockefeller Center that is. What a view we had of the Empire State Building with it's Christmas Lights shining bright against the black sky of night.
 a bit blurry but it tells a story nevertheless
At the end of this wondrous lighted evening, our feet ached, our legs were tired, and we could hardly see straight we were so tired. Sooooo, we decided to try our first Uber experience. Standing on the sidewalk looking at all the lighted trees, we quickly joined Uber and called for a ride. It was great and so much cheaper than a regular NY Yellow cab.

And so started our trip to NYC.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

January 2016

    Happy New Year to each and everyone of you. May 2016 be blessed with health, happiness and prosperity. The Irish blessing says it all:

May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May all life's passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours!

New Year's Day: a new year and a blank page to write on. Gone are the half finished saved blogs of last year, gone are the downer days, gone are the not so charitable thoughts, but not gone the UFOs of quilting and my 2 Busy Hands. Today brings all anew and it will only be what I make of it. So here I am, a blank page staring me in the face asking to be written on and I am only going to be positive. "Tomorrow [Jan 1}, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one." Brad Paisley To me, this says it all, as your pages will only tell the story of what you do, want to do, your hopes and dreams, and your accomplishments, so do your best!

We are starting out the year with a trip to New York City with Brooke. We will be gone Monday through Saturday, arriving back in Longview late in the evening. A wonderful time will be had and our days are already filled to capacity. Can we find any more time to do some of the other things? Who knows, but we will surely try.

January 1 found us in Little Rock, AR. We were hoping for the festivities of the Waterfront but Mother Nature had something to say about that. The Arkansas River [the river of the Riverfront] was flooding and the Riverfront Park where all the festivities occur, was all River. So we had a wonderful dinner and a quiet reading wait for to ring in the New Year. This was followed by a fast drive back to Henderson where we will sit out tomorrow, catching losse odds and ends before leaving on Monday.

So, 'til later my friends ......