Friday, March 23, 2012

Back in our home again ...

We have finished our assignment with Peace Corps: 27 months in Panama and 6 months in Colombia. What a ride we have had. Our time was chronicled on our PC'ing blog and now we are home. Our RV is up and running. The cleaning, sorting and restocking is currently under way. It feels wonderful to be back and yet, confusing and just a little stressful. After living in Latin America countries for 3 years, I find myself answering in Spanish, looking for potholes in the sidewalks and wanting to walk everywhere. The car is here and I love the availability but the distances - so much farther than there and the bus systems are, to be blunt, almost non-existent.

Where to now? Well the first item on the agenda is a commitment from the very beginning - Jury Duty. This starts on Monday and already I am dreading having to sit inside all day. Hopefully my patriotic duty won't be required this time around. Then, we are planning on re-aquainting ourselves to areas in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas as well as with family and friends. This will keep us very busy until we leave to go to Europe in May.

So hop aboard and "sail away with me" as we begin another leg in our life's journey.