Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend, Longview, Texas

Longview, home to the Spring Hill Panthers, good shopping, good eats, and the Zeilinger Family. A visit before departure is always a must and that is exactly what we did. We were fortunate this visit to have the complete Zeilinger family ... and the photos to prove it.


Oddly enough, these are probably the first realtime photos of the family that we have taken with a concentrated effort since the wedding. It is definitely good to have them.

We are now doing the last minute reshuffling and repacking before we actually depart for Washington DC. The train isn't so picky on the baggage stuff but the planes will be. I can't help but wonder however, if PC will be even more picky about luggage and weight. God help me if I have to carry my own bags anywhere of consequence. We leave tonight on the train ... the next entry will come from the train ...

Wish us luck, and good vibes ... And definitely plan a trip to visit us sometime during our sojourn in Panama. Visit our PCing in Panama blog to keep up with the travels and happenings there.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Weekend, Longview, Texas

And today, Sunday, it is so dark outside you think that it is still night. Yup, severe rain and thunderstorms!  Nevertheless, we are visiting family for the weekend. It is a great time, springtime, with the exception of the bloomin' trees. SNEEZE, WATERY, ITCHY EYES! We took the opportunity to get some family photos as this is the first time in a few years that we have all been together. 

Not long now until we leave for Washington, DC. Panama here we come.

And this says it all ... a good time was had by all ...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nacogdoches, Texas

Hot, humid, what can I say? Not hot but the humidity sure makes it feel that way. We are on the downhill swing of preparing for PC Panama. How in the world can we take what we want in only 80lbs in 2 bags/person????? We will certainly have to and hope against hope that we don't have to carry these bags very far ourselves.

Tomorrow we are off to spend Easter weekend with the grandkids. Should be fun! Have not had Easter with them since they were tiny, tiny. Now they are big, big!

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, April 3, 2009

..... Fort Worth, Texas

Home is where the heart is and not necessarily in a specific locality. As we move towards our new adventure, all too fast, I might add, I am also moving towards simplifying my blogging. I want to be able to post from my phone and to do that I (so far anyways) have to use a commercial blog site. So, for now, here it is. ....... 
We are finishing up here. Tomorrow we leave for a quick romp down the highway to Nacogdoches where we will put everything back into storage. And then too, packing all those things that we just can't live without. We haven't even decided on what type of suitcases to take yet. Oh the unknown of it all! One of the questions was if we minded a hike-in site. Oh boy, if I have to carry all my 80 lbs to our new home I won't be a happy camper.

copied from web site:

Fredericksburg, Texas Hill Country,

March 29, 2009

Last weekend we were fortunate to spend time with my parents in Edmonton, Canada. It was a pleasant visit, as always and we were even given a wonderful surprise! COLD temperatures and a SNOWSTORM which dumped quite a bit of that fresh powdery white stuff and HOWLING winds. What a difference! We finally found the white winter that we had been looking for since we started our trip to Romania in Nov of last year. It didn't last long and had already started to melt a little although the temps were barely hitting 0C by the time that we left on Monday.

Now, after a hectic few days of packing the RV we are making trails to Nacogdoches where we will once again put the RV in storage. For today however, we are in Fredericksburg, in the Texas Hill Country, hoping to make a renewed acquaintance with the Texas Bluebonnets and Indian Paint. So far we have seen none but we are enjoying a wonderful visit with friends.

It is, however, time I think, to put the house to rest - it needs a vacation for sure. This morning we woke up to 1) a dead engine battery in the RV 2) a dead battery in the car (hmmm, could it be the cold weather that is being experienced?) and 3) a flat tire on the car. Is something trying to tell us something?????

I have finally started my new Peace Corps blog. It can be followed at our new blog: PC'ing in Panama. Bookmark us for future reference.

...til later