Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Doesn't seem to matter where we are or what the conditions are, we still manage to sightsee. We love to experience and see new things. As Danny hikes, depending on the length of the hike of the day, I will rive around to different places or drive to the pick-up point and sit in the car. Often I will talk with the people who come into the parking area but more than likely I sit and read or do some needlework.

I call this my "Stitching studio"
 here I am starting to work on my latest project, Father Frost, an internet group class.

But mostly I sightsee. This is an area that is filled with Civil War sites, but not so many NPS that will give me stamps in my Passport. Seems like every battle was fight on a field ... had they never heard of using cover while fighting?

We stayed 3 nights at a AT hostel right on the trail, The Bears Den.

This was a wonderful old stone mansion, built by a doctor and his opera singer wife.
 everywhere has a map of the AT
 It is now run by the Potomac AT group. Here we met people both on the AT and traveling through. The managers had done the trail themselves in 2011. We had full access to the kitchen and living spaces. Fun times.

... from the very simplest  
... to the biggest, most elaborate we saw all forms of housing
... the unusual yes the tree is growing through the bed of the truck

... so what is a pink blaze? thought that we were following the white ones ...

I might not hike the distances that Danny does, but I am seeing the majesty and beauty as well a the whimsy of this land.
 imagine when the trees are covered with green leaves

 major estates behind the trees

 meeting Danny at the pick up point

 some parts are quite civilized

 the vistas are phenomenal

 and yes, the temps are definitely this low

 the biggest pair of binoculars ever

 a welcoming sight...

with a place to rest

Oh yes, and Spot has arrived and it is twins!
 Now I have one (Right side) when I go out by myself geocaching.