Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stateside once more ...

It has been brought to my attention that I have not updated my publications as to our whereabouts and happenings. So ....

Danny and I were released from all medical issues on last Wednesday, June 22 with a couple of follow-ups issued for the USA. Thankfully all are fairly benign although we are still waiting to hear about the malaria prophylaxis that is required.

We boarded the flight out of Panama City with a final destination of Dallas, but through Miami. I was not thrilled about this itinerary as I anticipated problems with customs and our 7 bags plus carryon backpacks. An uneventful flight, and surprisingly, a quick and smart trip through customs. It took us longer to get through the screening than it did customs. Not a question asked, not a bag rifled, and a smiling agent who welcomed us back. hmmmmm were our names flagged as PC volunteers or has a new directive come through? No one will ever know except those "in the know."

Manhandling all the bags we made it over to the car rental and easily rented a car big enough to haul all the bags. We then headed off into the sunset, or rather with the sunset in our backs.

Longview the next day and the grands, son and DIH. What a pleasant way to start our re-entry into American culture. We are anticipating some culture shock, we just don't know to what extent or to what. Driving is a little nerve-racking as we haven't done it for so long and the traffic was ungodly due to rush hour. Choices are a bit overwhelming at times, but if you go in knowing what you want, it isn't too bad. Baseball is the order of the day as the youngest, Blake, is playing in the All Stars and did very well the time that we were there. Babysitting, lawn maintenance and basketball are the order of the day for Brooke, while her brother, Zach recoups from some minor surgery.

Sunday was the time for finding out if the car would run. We dusted off the cob-webs, and opened the hood. Aaaargh!!!!!! Cobwebs, dust, [shudder shudder] Danny connects the battery - yeeaaaahhhh it turns over and starts. What could be sweeter? Idle for awhile to get the charge up to speed and then shut it down. Cross your fingers - will it start again? Yes! We are up and going. Tomorrow we get it made roadworthy at the dealer and will be ready to head out.

At this time, we are in Ft. Worth, having returned the rental car, with the business of taxes and such to attend to. Also visiting with Danny's Aunts and friends. Everyone is busy and what is disconcerting is how everyone has aged somewhat. I would think that we have as well but don't seem to be aware of it as we see ourselves daily in the mirror.

Tomorrow morning, we are heading up to tulsa to visit Alf and Stacy and the boys. It has been a while and we are looking forward to spending a few days with them. Of course it is over the 4th weekend, so should be a fun time. Backyard BBQs and a pool for fun in the sun - which I am sure there will be lots of.

And there we are, it is what it is ...