Friday, March 1, 2013


February 28, 2013 
After spending three days driving from Nacogdoches, Texas to Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania we are passing though a light dusting of snow. 
Oddly enough the warmest part of the AT now is in New York State. The weather in Boiling Springs should be cold, but fortunately I will have a slight  north wind to push me down the trail.

If you look at an AT map you would probably wonder why we chose a point near the center of the AT to begin a through hike. Actually, the middle is a great place to start: We avoid all the crowds of people starting in Georgia. By starting in one of the flattest sections of the AT I get to break in my legs gently. I avoid one of the hottest and driest areas of the AT during the summer and I should be able to hike to hike the southern part of the AT when the weather is the best.