Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 1 (or day 4 of the journey)

After 3 days of car travel my butt is sore, my legs tight, and my arms fatigued but we arrived in
Boiling Springs, PA our new destination and start of Danny's hiking. A total of ...

and travels that have taken us over hill and dale, through thick and thin (snow and rain) with temperatures ranging from 36 to 41 degrees and nada más.

Once we arrived, our first stop was at the office of the ...
 where we bought maps and joined the Conservancy. Good conversation and lots of wonderful advice was had, as well as some not so wonderful information - the ticks are going to be out in full force because they had a warm, mild winter. They weren't killed off. And of course we went and forgot the permeation spray at home. Will have to make sure that I get some in the next day or so. Thank you doc for giving us the prescription for doxy.

Then it was off to this wonderful old, stately hotel - The Allenberry Inn, whose claim to fame is Mystery weekends and giving a $140 room to AT through-hikers for $40. We came in to an empty hotel but by nightfall, it was filled to capacity. Tonight there is a show, and tomorrow too. Maybe I can get tickets for tomorrow's performance.

The hike begins - Danny is off and plans on 6 miles today. 
The temps made 41 degrees this afternoon when he left, and he was dressed accordingly. Me? I kept asking if he had enough to keep warm. Did he have enough water? Did he have ... boy if I keep this up he will be good and tired of me by the end of the 6 months on the road. :) 

Me, well I wandered around town and tomorrow plan on a trip for a manicure and pedicure. A relaxing interlude. Then I will try my hand at finding a geocache.