Saturday, December 10, 2016



December is a month of excitement, anticipation and yes, stress. Koodoos go out to those who can plan for Christmas ahead of December. I used to be one of those but now, well, I don't know what has happened to that trait - it has flown off into the wild blue. It is also the month for lists, multiple lists: food lists, ideas list, definite lists, and hopeful lists to include the hopefully finished items that more often than not get carried over to next year.

This year December has been challenged by the crud. This crud however has lasted longer than 2 weeks. I am finally starting to feel somewhat normal and am now able to try and make up for the lost 2 weeks of December time. I do get one more day than I normally have. We are celebrating Christmas with Jamie and the grands on the 25th. This ideas are finally starting to flow and I have managed to get a few of the hopefuls done with the others in line.

Beside our planning for the holiday season planning we are planning a road trip to Mexico for January, leaving Dec 27. This means putting the RV into storage on the 26th; leaving our Christmas parking space in the morning and cleaning and storing in the afternoon. Hoteling starts that night. This trip will not be a trip that includes living out of a suitcase. Oh we will be exploring and seeing new things, but from a base that is provided by AirBnB, probably in Guanajuato. I am even taking projects with Danny's blessing.😁

So with that, I close by saying ...

Santa is scooting in to wish you all a very

 Happy Holidays,

and all the very best for the New Year

Friday, December 2, 2016

Aargh, way too long .

My friends have pointed showed that I have been remiss in blogging at all. The focus has not been on writing, in fact I haven't even had the urge to write as I usually do. Is THIS what is fashionable called writer's block?

We have done a lot of traveling during the last few months, in the US, Canada, and Uruguay, S America. This has included the western US and Canada, but in Canada we can only lay claim to parts of Alberta and Southern BC. We spent some time parked in Spokane in the parking lot of a repair shop with troubles with our slides. From there we car tripped around the state and into southern Alberta all the way to Edmonton and then down into south eastern BC. In Alberta we attended our niece's wedding in Calgary and had the best time. Throughout this time I avidly collected Row by Row patterns as we collected miles, and as in miles, I collected way too many.

A notable activity done during this time was a bike ride along a rails to trails outside of C'oeur d'Alene, ID called the Route of the Hiawatha Trail. The scenery was fantastically beautiful and the ride an easy one. We came back with our backs covered in mud from the wet and damp tunnels but with a feeling of euphoria from having such a wonderful day.

 one of many

Then we went international again  ... Uruguay, South America. See you again sometime - I hope that this writer's block takes a hike and follows Miss [quilting] Mojo on vacation ......