Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rain? RAIN?????

What is this? Rain? is that a known rain down here in Monterrey, Mexico? I was under the impression that when we came down it would be HOT. Not!

We are parked in McAllen, on the border of Texas and Mexico in what is commonly referred to as The Valley. To my way of thinking, this brings to mind hot, dusty and forever sun. Instead,what we have is cold,rain and wind. Wearing a sweater all the time and wishing for a fleece. Not the ideal weather for sightseeing at all. But from the weather online, the good news is, this ends on Sunday when we go back to hot temperatures and forever sun but with the desert in bloom.

We left the car in the parking lot near the bus station and rode the bus across into Mexico. What a story to tell with that. As we had to get a tourist visa at the border,we headed directly into immigration as we came off the bus. A very short time later, no waiting lines, just us, and our bus had gone: left, se fue, ciao,  however you say it, the driver left us stranded. The immigration officials were wonderful, and very helpful. The long and short  of it, we had to wait for the next bus to come and they arranged for us to get on it. The second driver was a little upset that the first driver had left us behind and called the office. That was the last that we heard of the situation but I can imagine that the first driver had some explaining to do when he got back.

Monterrey is a very modern city in some parts and very old in other areas. We were located in the newer part as we had some medical to be done and that is where the doctors are. (All is well in that department) You felt as if you were in any of the European cities that we have visited.

While here we re-discovered the joys of Uber. Have you used Uber? They are wonderful. i have heard some horror stories but each and everyone that we have ridden in has been very good. A lot more reliable and cheaper than the forever ending stream of local taxis bouncing down the road, honking at you to entice you to ride. The cars are much newer as well.

The bus ride back was just as uneventful as our ride out and in no time at all, we were back in the US picking up the car and then heading out the next day. And still it rains!