Saturday, March 5, 2016

A decision made, and we are off ....

After much discussion and humm and hawing, we have made a decision for the next month of our time. A time delineated by a doctor's appoint for Mar 30. Sometimes, however it seems that our decisions are made to change so who knows when and where ....

 Do you sometimes feel like this? Feel like you left something(s) behind? Luckily for us, we have discovered the use of a travel list - one for car travel, one for international travel, and one for an experience of discovery. They are indispensable. And the luckiest of all is that in the USA we travel in our home and we should have everything we need at our finger tips, right? Wrong! There is always something that got taken out and put into the storage unit that we wish we had at any given time. You can not carry every thing with you and we don't even try. Again it comes down to decisions and priorities.
We have friends who carry their household in 2, yes 2 large rolling suitcases and a day pack. We try but ....

This weekend we are in Double Lake Recreation Area, TX just outside of Coldspring, TX. This is our go-to area for a couple of days for planning purposes. This weekend it is a double whammy: planning and quilting. I am wanting to get DS#1s quilt flimsie done so that on Monday I can take it over to the longarmers before we leave the area. The skies are a beautiful clear blue and the sun is shining, without a cloud in the sky. The temps are up in the high 70's during the day and cool enough to sleep snugly at night. Occasional rain has fallen during the night but that is not the norm of late here in Texas.

We are planning a leisurely trip down towards the Valley and across the border to Monterrey, Mexico. Were planning on taking the RV down as we had heard of a KOA in Monterrey but are unable to find it so will park on this side of the border and car trip/bus trip it down to the area instead. That decision will be made when we get there and assess the situation of the time.

I am planning also this weekend, to get the old bike out and to start to ride again. It has been a long time. Danny has bought me special pedals to use until the swelling in my foot goes down enough to get my keene cycling sandals on and thus be able to use my clip-in's.

And then out comes Miss Betsy so that I can work on DS#1's quilt. While sewing, I will also start to watch the BBC's mini series War and Peace, compliments of my friend in England. Thank you Paul.