Saturday, February 13, 2016

February 13 and .....

February 13 and that means ... Tah Dah .....> it's my birthday. Yes, today I celebrate another year older, not necessarily wiser, but definitely on top of the world. February is our celebration month - my DH and I both celebrate our birthdays, we have our anniversary and of course, there is Valentine's Day, the old "love" day. We celebrate sometime during the month as all the celebrations are spread out over the month. I leave it to DH to come up with something and we normally end up going somewhere for a weekend. So what will it be this month? Keep tuned for an update.  

We are currently sitting in Double Lake Recreation Area in Coldspring, SE Texas. We have been here a couple of weeks now. Danny is both mountain bike riding and road cycling.  I am trying to get some quilting done but there is always something else that comes along to interrupt the flow that Miss Mojo likes to keep going. For example:
On Wednesday we drove over to DeRidder, LA where we met a friend from the AT - Bert. He is cycling across the lower US following Adventure Cycling's Southern Tier maps. Danny rode with him Thursday from De Ridder, LA to Kirbyville, TX. I on the other hand, sagged this endeavor, and got us home that night. 

 A good time was had by all.

And now today, my birthday, we are heading to Houston to have seafood and maybe see a movie.

We will be moving on Thursday one again but we still haven't decided exactly where. It will probably be either Louisiana or Arkansas however. .......