Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A great visit

On Sunday our friend came in on his bicycle to spend some time with us here in Double Lake Recreation Park in Coldspring, TX.
  Coldspring is right on the route of Adventure Cycling's Southern Tier across the USA.   Danny had ridden with him a few days before from DeRidder, LA to Kirbyville, TX and today, rode out to meet him coming in.

Our visit was great - we garnered lots of great ideas for future activities and hopefully we shared some for him as well. One of the things that would be an interesting trip, albeit long, would be to do the Great Loop in a boat.
 This of course, would necessitate us buying a boat of sometime that we could live on. Heck, we could be like the canal boaters in Holland. It would probably take a year to complete.  
And then there is something like was done by this couple: Their rig is awfully small to live in but heck, that would be just like a tiny house I guess. Of course, one would have to be somewhat like our friends who live in Europe, traveling from place to place, living out of 2 suitcases each. 

Yes, I think we could do that for awhile. Think of all that we could see!

Tomorrow we are heading out. Our stay here has been great and things have been accomplished. The main one is that I finished Mom's quilt for Amylee.
 Danny is holding it up so you can get a sense of the size.
Now on to another project as we also see more of countryside that we haven't seen before.