Monday, January 9, 2017

San Luis Potosi

Our trip down to the south was uneventful, even if we were subconsciously asked if we knew what we were doing. In San Luis Potosi we arrived to a wonderful AirBnB apartment that welcomed us with Christmas decorations and wonderful treats for celebrating the Day of the Magi (actually the day that the WiseMen left Bethlehem to return to their homes).   The hosts were very nice and even allowed us to park our car in the very small courtyard, with barely enough room to spare in order to open the gate to the outside. Still we were pleased to have it under lock and key.

We spent the next few days wandering around the area, taking in the sights. Of course, this included a "double decker" city tour - well not really, it was a converted old bus into a trolley thing that did have an upper floor viewing area, but none the less, a tour of the old historical town. Very interesting to see and required much concentration to understand the Spanish. The street venders were out in force, including the traditionally dressed mamas with their babies strapped to their bodies. The historic streets were very narrow and filled with the milling generational families  and with the usual money making entrepreneurs. 

We of course, visited the traditional churches which, although colored and adorned differently inside and out all were of the same general Spanish architecture of the time.  We did come across a pleasantly different church in looks, design and feel: Very modern in fact. 

One of he plazas had been turned into a skating rink (had to wait in line and then pay to get in, even to just take a photo) while outside was the usual fun Christmas tree. This one was put up by Coca Cola with the usual adornments from the soda pop culture.

Once more we packed up and headed out. This time we headed to Dolores Hidalgo. See you there ...