Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Some thoughts ....

Why does the energy and drive take us to start things and work feverishly to complete already started ones as well as promises to ones self in the new year? That blank page needs to be filled maybe?!!!

And start to fill we do, with a planned trip to New York City with Brooke, our DGD. Leaving on the 5th of January, we arrived in town early enough to: get our metro passes, ride the bus and train to the station near our hotel, check in to the hotel where we quickly ok'd it, and then out for our first foray into the city. Brooke is all eyes as we start to wander and try to figure out the metro. She has her handy phone which has a map of the subway. Where would be nowadays without our instant gratification that used to have to be found and written down beforehand? Dinner planned for Chinatown  but got switched to Little Italy where we had pizza in the proclaimed "first pizza restaurant" in NYC. It was delicious. Then on to the Top of the Rock, the Rockefeller Center that is. What a view we had of the Empire State Building with it's Christmas Lights shining bright against the black sky of night.
 a bit blurry but it tells a story nevertheless
At the end of this wondrous lighted evening, our feet ached, our legs were tired, and we could hardly see straight we were so tired. Sooooo, we decided to try our first Uber experience. Standing on the sidewalk looking at all the lighted trees, we quickly joined Uber and called for a ride. It was great and so much cheaper than a regular NY Yellow cab.

And so started our trip to NYC.