Monday, June 2, 2014

Amsterdam Internat'l Airport, Shiphol

Enroute to our destination of Africa, we had a short layover in Amsterdam International Airport, Shiphol. We weren't sure if we had to redo customs/immigration so we hurried along, not stopping to see all the wonderful things along Holland Boulevard, found in the transit area of the airport.
  I really like the Dutch delft and wish I could have found some things to take back. Maybe on our return.

Coffee anyone?

Once at the departure gate we had a couple of hours so Danny took his nap. [photo] Our plane arrived and did a very fast turnaround. 
 And soon we were back in the air. Instead of the water, water everywhere as we flew the first leg, we crossed over land masses, one of which was the Swiss Alps.

A quick stop off to discharge passengers in Kilimanjaro, and we were off on the final 45min leg to Dar es Salam.