Tuesday, April 15, 2014

With April comes ...

The old saying, April showers bring May flowers is very much alive this year but early. This year is probably the best that I have ever seen the bluebonnets and wildflowers in general. The lush green backdrop definitely makes the complete picture.
They are everywhere, making me want to have them around the RV. hmmm wonder if they would grow in a plastic swimming pool, etc?

This last six weeks have been busy: Busy enough that I wonder where the time actually went. Did we actually do all of what I think we did? So let's see ...
~ We spent almost all of March in the area of the National seashore, all based around Corpus Christi. The grands came to visit as was discoursed in March.  While here I was able to attend a one-day sewing class where I learned how to make fabric bowls. This was a wonderful way to spend a morning.
~ Then we slowly meandered across country towards Nacogdoches. Everywhere we traveled, we saw an abundance of wildflowers. The Bluebonnet blues, Indian Paint corals, the yellows, oranges and whites found against the lush vibrant green of spring were a sight I couldn't get enough of. One of our stops was Lake Somerville State Park from where we made a few interesting day trips. 
1. The first of course was to a find! A great quilting shop where I could only wish for easy access on a daily basis. Ha! I would have to do a lot more sewing/quilting that I am doing now if I were to visit that shop much. I got a few items however. One of the Challenges offered on one of the quilting online groups is a BTF Challenge - that is a Back to Front where you design a flimsy front for a specific backing. I found the perfect fabric and a simple use of said fabric for the Spain blanket. This will work up quite quickly if only given a chance to work on it continuously.

We visited the Wendish Museum in Serbin, TX, close to Giddings. 
There is a great festival here in September that would be worth attending. And they teach you how to paint eggs too. Their history is fascinating and is outlined, along with cultural displays, in the museum. The original Wendish church built is a small log cabin on the property but the current church, built as a result of a growing congregation is now considered one of the Painted Churches of Texas. 

During this meandering we received an invitation from friends to accompany them on a trip to Africa. Although the main reason for going is to visit their nephew, a PC volunteer, it will also be a spectacular way to see a part of the world we probably wouldn't see otherwise. We will be going to Tanzania, Zambia, and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. There might also be a side trip to Zanzibar if we can pull it off. The planning for this will have to wait however, until we return from our visit to Bennison and Al.Then it was off to Panama to visit with Bennison and view their newly acquired property. This is for the next little blog!