Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back on home turf

We arrived back in the USA on the 8th after an overnight stop-over in London Heathrow Airport. We stayed in a hotel only 1.5kms from the airport but we discovered that was "as the crow flies". We made a complete trip around the whole airport to get to it on a public bus. Fun but as it was dark, a little nerve-wracking trying to identify our hotel and bus stop. As it turns out, the bus actually stops at all the hotels along the strip, either right in front or by going up to the door. You buy a round trip ticket the getting back the next day. And by did it cost - reminded us of our trip and costs when we came with Brooke. Still, it was certainly a good way to break the travel and then leave in the morning and arrive in the afternoon.

It didn't take us but a few days to get back into the swing of things and to the coach. We were ready to get back in her and back into a normal sort of lifestyle for us. First a visit with the grands, son and DIL. It sure was good to visit with them all again.
We even got to visit with the oldest, Zach, as he didn't return to university until the next day. it is amazing to see my little grandson now a man and a 6'4" one at that carrying on adult conversations.

We have to get the coach roadworthy before we head out so decided to go to Canada to visit mom & dad while it is in the shop. We were again lucky that our friend was able to take us to the airport again. Thanks Cathie.