Wednesday, November 6, 2013

On the road again ... Vilcabamba ...

Just a short note to add to Danny's postings on Vilcabamba.
Leaving Loja we headed on to Vilcabamba, even farther south.

 One of my favourite sayings, found on the front of the bus, above the window.

Danny found us a wonderful B&B in the mountains on the north side of town called Hostelería Madre Tierra. 

 We came for 2 days and stayed for 7, something we don't often do. He said often that he could probably stay awhile if we didn't get moving soon. :)  It was an easy walk into town and had great hiking trails up into the mountains. The views from our balcony were to die for. The spa and massages were heavenly. The owners were transplanted Americans who were homeschooling their youngest daughter.

Walking to the north up the road for what we though would be about 1/3 mile - NOT, turned out to be 1/3 mile by the crow flies: We walked around the base of the mountain, steadily going up and up and up! - we went seeking a geocache. As we walked we were often the brunt of stares from the passersby but this one was the funniest of all that we encountered.

The cache was an easy find {mine for exchange are on the left} and, not only did we find a geocache, but Danny also found a wonderful homemade beer while I had a delicious homemade hibiscus soda pop - both made by the owner of the cache, another transplanted American. Vilcabamba had quite the expat community.

When out walking about, we spied this delightful sign on a bike shop. And were always mindful of getting home before the clouds and subsequent rain came in. 

All too soon our 7 days rolled by and we packed up and headed out once more, this time to ........