Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Carnaval the Mayan Way continues ... #2

The day following our visit to Tennajape/ Pocolum was a day of discovery within the confines of San Cristóbal itself. Here we wandered, gathering information for our future departure and then walked to a totally different part of town. We came upon a thoroughly modern mall with all the trappings of a modern mall. For me however, it was also the main Telcel center where I was able to try out the properties of my new iPhone. Yup, it works, dropped in a new sim card and voilà, I had prepaid cell and data service. Of course, it wasn't as simple a that - had to go to the information line, wait, ask questions, receive a number, go to the next line, wait, wait and wait. Then my turn. Requested a new sim card, reassured the agent numerous times that my phone is unlocked, filled in papers, hand in id, received invoice: Go to line for payment, wait, pay $$$, go back to other line: Wait, wait, and wait, get the same agent so I had to wait even longer, hand in my paid invoice, takes phone to back, wait, wait, returns with phone, plays with phone, hands phone back. Receive reassurance that it works. Receive another bill to go to pay for the prepaid minutes - why couldn't I have received this at the same time as the first invoice? Same process. Came back with receipt and receive my phone. Here you are. Next...
And out I go, only 90 minutes later. Yes this is truly Central America although it is really considered N America.

A bus trip to the zocolo and we toured again. Of course we had to view and experience each and every church that was open along our route. Each was unique in its own right and not all are the ornate, ostentatious ones either. Still, I promised no more photos of churches, so ...
ok, so I lied - this is the baroque church just off the zocolo and is intriguing to view. Couldn't get in but we did manage to back away from an occurring protest. Would hate to just arrive nd get caught up in something like that.
Seems that I read somewhere that if there is going to be a protest for anything, it will happen in Chiapas. An added note: Danny was going to bring his black, light weight balaclava to wear if it was too cold. Guess what the Zaptistas wear as a trademark and identity cover? Yup, a black, light weight balaclava. One of the restaurants that we ate in had drawings and propaganda all over the walls with just this.