Friday, October 5, 2012

The Katy Trail, Missouri, take 1:

The Katy Trail - said to be the longest rails-to-trails multi-use trail in the US. Every photo, every discussion, every blog entry leads one to believe that this is an awesome ride for those from beginners to advanced riders wanting a taste of the trail. We had discussed this before leaving for Peace Corps and here we are in one of the end cities of the trail and in beautiful Indian Summer. A perfect time to do it.

After watching the forecasted weather patterns, discussing the various options and obstacles, reading the official Katy Trail website, and buying the guide book we decided to ride the Katy Trail from east to west. Yes, we know, everyone says to do it from west to east mainly because of the climbs and the prevailing westerly winds. Well, from the forecasted weather patterns, the winds are said to be out of the SE and you are going to be climbing either way as far as we could see. Indian Summer should stay around for another two weeks with perfect riding and camping weather. So we booked our shuttle to take us to St. Charles, MO and start to pack the camping gear. Of course, we already have the tandem and the B-o-b, so here goes ...

Danny has offered to write this blog so I will add photos and comments as he publishes.