Tuesday, July 10, 2012


As I re-read some of the travel posts, I am more and more aware that often the posts are more informational rather than travel oriented. This is not what I meant for this to be. The focus will be changing as I continue from here on in.

As we ramble around Texas bearing up but barely, under the heatwave here, people delight in informing me that this summer is not as hot as last summer. For me however, I wasn't here the whole summer and this is this summer and for me, it is HOT and humid. I am relegated to staying inside except for small bursts of activity. Driving in the car to see things is great as there is ac in the car, and more than not, at the places that we are going to visit. And hopefully, the end is in sight...

Even though we are now back in the USA and enjoying ourselves as we re-immerse into American culture and ways of life, we find ourselves continuing to look back on our time in Peace Corps. It was a time when we felt active, maybe too active at the specific time, a time that offered us self-satisfaction and fulfillment, and a time of interesting experiences. It is definitely hard to leave that behind and look for something new and exciting. This is our goal of the day, of the week: find something that offers the same and even more.